The majority of our customers choose our Short Film Package for their weddings. When you choose this package, you’ll receive a 9-11 minute film, depicting all the major events that takes place on your wedding day. Choosing our Short Film Package allows our team of cinematographers to really emphasize your unique story, and the people who are surrounding you during your special day. We can create a dynamic, moving edit that focuses on your unique love story. You’ll get 10 hours of total coverage with 2 cinematographers, who will be filming your event throughout the whole day. We make sure that we capture every important element of your wedding. From preparing for the ceremony, special moments, written letters, to the father-daughter dance and everything in-between! We leave no stone unturned, and then use our professional editing skills to put together an impactful, heartfelt short film of your special day. Covering every major event during your big day, this film is sure to be a favorite in your family and friends for years to come – and it will always remind you of what made your love so very special.