The Highlight Package is one of our most popular edits offered at Caribou Films. If you’re interested in a beautiful, luxury film that’s easy to share with friends and family alike, the highlight package is perfect for you. When you choose us to create a film of your wedding day, you get the best service in the business. Using our professional-grade equipment, we dedicate 8 hours of coverage with 2 highly skilled cinematographers – to capture the essence, feelings, and uniqueness of your wedding day. And our work doesn’t stop there. Once your big day is over, and you’re happily honeymooning, we get to work at the editing table. We pore over hours of footage, selecting the moments, memories, and events that perfectly represent how your wedding day felt. Then, we create a cinematic, unforgettable 3-5 minute video that embodies everything that is special about your relationship and your wedding day. The result is a short, yet impactful video that will help you remember your big day for years and decades to come.