While we love making highlights and short films, our true passion lies in our Feature Film Package. When you choose our Feature package, you’ll receive a 15-20 minute film that’s totally comprehensive, breathtaking, and filled with details about your unique love story. With our Feature Film Package, you get a full 12 hours of service from 2 highly skilled cinematographers, as well as an assistant to help ensure full coverage of all the main events, including the ceremony, toasts, and many other important moments from your big day. Our full length Feature Films provide us with the space we need to truly create a customized, vivid portrait of your special day. We can cover every mood and detail. From the jitters, the tears, the excitement and the joy – we’ll capture it all in incredible detail. The end result is truly spectacular. Our full length films allow us to trace the arc of your love, and truly build a wonderful, one-of-a-kind story. Your wedding is not like any other – it’s special. It’s yours. Remember it forever in every detail and we will help share Your Greatest Love Story.