Every couple’s love story is unique, and every wedding film should be too. Our packages allow you to choose the experience and details that are most important to you. 

The Experience 

Start with the film package that’s right for you:


5 Minutes 
8 Hours of coverage
2 Cinematographers

Short Film
Short Film

9-11 Minutes 
8 Hours of coverage
2 Cinematographers + 1 Coordinator


15-20 Minutes 
10 Hours of coverage
3 Cinematographers + 1 Coordinator

The Extras

 Now, customize your package with unique add-ons:

Cinematic Trailer

The Trailer is a 1-2 minute, captivating sneak peek of your full-feature wedding film. This cinematic video perfectly compliments your longer edit and is sent within 2 weeks of your wedding day so you can instantly look back on your special day.

The Engagement

The Engagement is a 3-4 minute film of that special and unforgettable moment when you propose to the love of your life. This edit can also be included in the beginning of your feature film.

Rehearsal Dinner

The Rehearsal Dinner is a 3-5 minute standalone video to highlight the best speeches and laughs from the Wedding Party. It can also be used to compliment your Film Package to tie in speeches to your wedding video.

The Ceremony

The Ceremony is a raw edit, separate, add-on of your full length ceremony for those who want every beautiful detail from your commencement and celebration of coming together as one.